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Our objective is to provide English fans of Korean content with the best subtitles possible so they can enjoy the content as much as they possibly can. We pride ourselves on the high quality of both the translations and the presentation of said translations.


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Girls’ High Mystery Class 2

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The Squad



The senior member and primary translator. Was the sole member for a long time, but is now focused primarily on translating/timing. Korean enthusiast with a degree in Korean Studies. Goal is to get a paid translating job (Grateful recipient of the kofi fund).



Someone that obsesses way too much over small details nobody notices. Makes sure everything from the technical side is at least half decent. Also responsible for most of the advanced typesetting.



A typesetter who is still discovering the wonders of Aegisub despite been using it for 4 years. Been watching Korean variety shows for years and still improving her Korean.



Korean American who watches an assorted number of Korean shows and dramas while helping out via translating and betaing. Feel free to follow me here!

With additional help in typesetting by Zee and Viawonu as well as help in QC by Angus.

Hall of Valour

This is a section to honour the past contributors to Baechu Squad, no matter how briefly their stay was. Their assistance is eternally appreciated.

  • 2eastsea: Translation + Timing (TGE2 - 1 Episode)
  • alice0001: Translation (SG2 - 3 Episodes, TGE1 - 1 Episode)
  • azekeP: Timing (SG2 - 4 Episodes)
  • bh1nd: Translating, Timing, + QC (TGE3 - 5 Episodes)
  • CalmDeer: Translation + QC (SG2 - 6 Episodes, TGE1 - 1 Episode)
  • celine_montales: Timing (TGE3 - 1 Episode)
  • Doubleshields: Coordination (SG2 - 2 Episodes)
  • dnlnm: Ripping + Translation (TGE3 - 11 Episodes)
  • elkniv: Translation + QC (SG2 - 1 Episode)
  • geumdoong2: Translation (SG2 - 1 Episode)
  • gnst: Timing (TGE1 - 1 Episode)
  • haminwu: Translation (TGE3 - 1 Episode)
  • JamesBonfire: Timing (SG2 - 1 Episode)
  • Manhwa: Translation + QC (SG2 - 1 Episode)
  • michielim: Timing (TGE3 - 7 Episodes)
  • miewhatt: Timing (TGE1 - 1 Episode)
  • neyisheng: Translation (TGE1 - 1 Episode)
  • nightly01: Translation (TGE3 - 3 Episodes)
  • nytelynx: Translation + Timing (SG2 - 6 Episodes)
  • Ron_the_Rowdy: Translation (SG2 - 1 Episode, TGE3 - 1 Episode)
  • ry_the77: Timing (TGE3 - 1 Episode)
  • Stinger10X: Timing (TGE2 - 1 Episode)
  • TheWanderer1230: Timing + Typesetting (SG2 - 11 Episodes)
  • treacleclouds: Translating + Timing (SG2 - 3 Episodes)
  • walr0s: Translation (TGE2 - 1 Episode)

Interested in helping?

If you’d like to pitch in for a project, we’re open to help, but we’d highly prefer qualified and reliable individuals, so please make sure you’re familiar with the processes outlined in the Subtitling Guide and that you’re determined to contribute reliably. To reach out, please go through email or twitter.

Please note that for each of these, attitude is more important than experience, you just need to be willing to learn and diligent in your work.

The current big thing on our plate is The Great Escape, so this is what you would likely be doing if you wanted to help, either as working on parts of season 1/2 in the off season or helping out as The Great Escape 4 is airing.

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